Rowenna Halge BHSc (Nat) joined our team at the Yarraville Health Group in 2007 as our qualified Naturopath. Trained in the philosophies, principles and practices of western naturopathic medicine and medical science, Rowenna practices with a holistic view toward health and illness. She has a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is a member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) and the Homeopathic Education and Research Association (HERA).

Rowenna’s Philosophy. As a Naturopath I practice according to these essential principles of healing:

“First do no harm, Treat the Whole, Treat the Cause and Doctor as Teacher”.

Areas of Expertise

  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, Post Viral Fatigue
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Hormone Imbalances/ Female Reproductive Health
  • Children’s Health

As part of truly integrative approach, Naturopathy works well with other healing modalities. I work together with Elisabeth (Chinese Medicine Practitioner) in the areas of female reproductive health/ fertility, and thyroid/adrenal conditions.


Your Story Gives Me Vital Clues I am committed to discovering the key to solving your health problem. In your consultation I take the time to hear your story because the solution to you health problem lies in your health history. This includes the circumstances of your life that are impacting on your health and the details of how you are uniquely expressing an imbalance via signs and symptoms. This information helps me identify the cause and triggers that brought about your health complaint and it helps me to find an effective therapeutic path to address imbalances and restore your health.

Embrace the Benefits of Clinical Testing I may need to make sure you have the right pathology tests and other naturopathic testing that enable an accurate assessment of your health. You may have had some tests that you are told are ‘normal’. Let’s make sure you have had the right tests and that they are interpreted in a way that can pick up on sub-clinical problems that a conventional approach may not detect. This includes the use of new and cutting edge technologies to accurately assist in analysing body systems. I may recommend certain tests or screening tools such as Health Surveys, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Salivary/Urine Hormone Tests, Blood Tests and other functional pathology tests.

“Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice.” Assessment and analysis of the above information will give me what I need to form a diagnosis. This is not a medical diagnosis as it is used in conventional medicine. A naturopathic diagnosis is a full assessment of your health, including identification of causes, triggers, essential physiological pathways and imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or excesses, and the strategies and methods that aim to remove the sustaining causes, address imbalances and bring about restoration of health. In other words, your diagnosis is just the beginning of your road to recovery and wellness.

Collaborate, Educate, Empower Earlier I spoke about how important your story is to the process of getting well. Understanding your illness is just as important. I am here to educate, explain, and make clear what may seem like a bunch of clinical terms. Understanding your health condition and the tests and tools that will be used to help you overcome your health condition, contributes to a process of empowerment. We will decide together on a health plan that is appropriate, clear and effective for you. I am here to equip you to make health-enhancing decisions and find a way forward to health and vitality.

The Way Forward – Your Plan of Action Your health plan is a set of treatment goals with a clear prescription that will change as your circumstances change and your health improves. An essential aspect of naturopathy is the use of natural remedies to bring about health. I will encourage you to view food as medicine and make dietary recommendations. I will also prescribe vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathics. I strongly believe that plants and other natural ingredients are provided to us by nature to act as remedies, that is, to play a role in the relief of suffering and the restoration of health. I have at my disposal thousands of natural remedies and other healing modalities to work with. Your health plan may also include certain lifestyle changes such as exercise, relaxation or stress management techniques and methods that can increase mental clarity and emotional awareness.

Support and Reassessment Along the Road  We cannot expect that one prescription will bring about a cure. In your follow-up appointments we will monitor your progress and response to treatment and revise your treatment as required. This may involve a change in prescription and alteration in diet and other lifestyle recommendations. Down the tract we may also require more testing to check and evaluate your progress. Another important aspect of this stage of treatment is the support and motivation that you will receive to keep you on track so you can continue to make the changes your body requires.

Wellness We want to see you well and happy with the tools you need to keep you feeling this way. This means awareness of your body and its requirements, the triggers that can lead to imbalances in your health, and most importantly the tools to keep you as well as possible including healthy lifestyle practices and healthy eating.

Rebates for health funds are available.