Dr Mark Hastie

Acupuncturist and Chiropractor

Dr Mark Hastie Acupuncture Chiropractor

Dr Mark Hastie


Exercise Rehabilitation
Soft Tissue Therapy

About Mark

Mark is a registered Doctor of Acupuncture, and is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association and the Chinese Medicine Registration Board. Mark is also one of our Chiropractors. Mark’s history in health care began over 20 years ago after completing a BAppSc (Phys Ed) specialising in rehabilitation. In his role as a senior Rehabilitation Physical Educator at the TAC Rehabilitation Centre, he worked with serious orthopaedic, road trauma and road accident victims, developing and implementing both short-term and long-term physical rehabilitation management programmes.

In 2000 Mark completed further study and became a Doctor of Chinese Medicine after completing a BHSc Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture (Hons). He began working at Yarraville Health Group soon after, and also established a private practice in Richmond offering Acupuncture treatment plans. In 2007 Mark again pursued further study and completed a BHSc (Chiropractic) and a Master of Clinical Chiropractic.

Mark offers separate Acupuncture and Chiropractic treatment plans, but also integrates these together when deemed necessary. His unique approach underpins both Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine philosophies, which combine all aspects of his health career. Plans in both musculo-skeletal (sports) and systemic health (general health issues) are offered, utilising spinal and extremity adjustment, exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture (needle or laser), soft tissue therapy, mobilisation, trigger point and acupressure therapy, cupping, moxa, and gua sha (spooning).

Mark invites you to experience his Acupuncture, Chiropractic or multidisciplinary treatment approach, and looks forward to helping you in the future.

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