Dr Trevor Junge

Chiropractor and Clinic Director

Chiropractor Trevor Junge

Dr Trevor Junge



About Trevor

Trevor Junge is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic, and is a member of the Australian Chiropractors Association. He has over 25 years of clinical experience, working extensively in various practices around Australia and then establishing Yarraville Health Group (YHG) in June 1998, where he has focused on the long-term commitment to patient care. Trevor’s main aim in founding YHG is to maintain the highest standards of patient care in a multidisciplinary environment.

Trevor feels privileged to have found a profession he is passionate about, being able to make a change in people’s lives every day. He believes in holistic treatment using manual adjusting techniques, activator, exercise and rehabilitation to improve the quality and function of the body. All treatment methods are specifically modified to suit individual patient needs and goals. He treats a wide range of spinal and extremity conditions to ensure patients achieve their full health potential through natural chiropractic care. He aims to educate each client about the importance of a balanced healthy lifestyle. He encourages each client to be aware of the vital relationship between their spine, their nervous system, and their total health and wellness. His motivation and passion for chiropractic is driven by treating patients in need of pain relief, and through a series of appointments witnessing these clients being able to achieve a true sense of wellbeing.

Trevor has played a strong role in the local community ever since he moved to the area. He is an active member of the Yarraville Traders Association, of which he was president for three years.

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